Useful links for entrepreneurs in the Aarhus area

We have gathered information links aimed at entrepreneurs in the Aarhus area.

You will, for example, find shortcuts to networks, office communities and educational institutions in Aarhus.


Follow this link to find a variety of templates for your company. The templates are useful for business planning, budgetting, and a wide variety of other things. Make good use of the templates when planning the next step of your company's journey. 

Assistance to entrepreneurs:

Personal sparring
29 guides
Skatteforvaltningen's checklist

Education and business:

Entrepreneurship at AU
Entrepreneurship at Business academi Aarhus 
Entrepreneurship at School of arcthitects
Entrepreneurship at VIA
Entrepreneurship at AARCH
Venture Cup

Startup competitions:

Venture Cup
Care Ware
Creative Business cup
DM in entrepreneurship
Iværksætterprisen i Business Region Aarhus 
Creative Business Cup