What can Business Aarhus do for you?

Business Aarhus

Business Aarhus is the official service unit for large, well-established companies in the City of Aarhus.
The aim is to create the best possible environment for businesses in Aarhus.

Business Aarhus offers personalised service to businesses in the Aarhus area and is available to assist businesses with establishment, expansion and other business opportunities and challenges.

With Business Aarhus, you have a combined entrance, link and co-operation partner for all business-related areas in the City of Aarhus. Your inquiry will be treated confidentially and the service is free.

What can Business Aarhus do for you?
Business Aarhus supports your growth by:

  • Being an entrance and link in the City of Aarhus (including land sales, building conversions and workforce)
  • Involving the company in initiatives and forums with strategic interest for the company
  • Assisting in the retention, development and expansion of activities in the Aarhus area – including visualising and developing the company's framework requirements
  • Introducing you to relevant partners, networks and key people
  • Establishing contact with knowledge, research and educational institutions
  • Providing shortcuts to qualified labour
  • Assisting in profiling the company by arranging activities that can make your business known in the Aarhus area

You can read more about Business Aarhus and what they can offer, here.