Do you want to be part of a network?

All experience and research shows that participation in a network helps to develop both individuals and businesses. Here we have gathered links to different business clubs and networks in Aarhus. Maybe there is a network that is just right for you.

If you think we have missed any important networks, please let us know.

Negoti-Connect is a strong business network. The network holds network meetings every other Friday morning from 07:00 to 09:00 in odd-numbered weeks at the Radisson Blu. You can see the current membership on their website.
Read more about Negoti-Connect

BMO – a local network for self-employed women based in the area from south of Aarhus to Odder.
Read more about BMO here

Officelab creates the framework for knowledge sharing and activities in a trusting business network that encourages mutual growth for businesses. This is where entrepreneurs, students, start-ups and established businesses meet one another.
Read more about Officelab here

Aarhus Elites network groups
The stated purpose of Aarhus Elite’s network groups is to create trade. Access to the network groups is limited to sponsors of Aarhus Elite A/S.
Read more about Aarhus Elite

Morgendagens Heltinder
Morgendagens Heltinder (Tomorrow’s Heroines) is a network of innovative women representing more than 100 different professions. Most of them are self-employed.
More information about Morgendagens Heltinder
IT-Forum Midtjylland
IT-Forum Central Jutland is a knowledge network consisting of approximately 200 IT-interested member businesses, educational institutions and public authorities in Central Jutland. The purpose of the forum includes increasing the knowledge and use of information technology.
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Business Club Aarhus
Business Club Aarhus is a dynamic business network with approximately 170 member businesses. Businesses are typically represented at management level.
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BNI (Business Network International) is a relations network whose sole aim is for members to help each other increase their business volume. As a member of BNI you participate in a group of up to 40 business people from different trades who meet once a week to build relations and expand their network.
Read more about BNI

Global Network
Via GLOBAL-Network’s business network you create new business contacts that get to know you and your business.
Read more about Global Network Aarhus

InSpe – an association for students at AAA
InSpe is an association of students at the Aarhus School of Architecture engaged in innovation, entrepreneurship and networking.
Read more about entrepreneurship at the Aarhus School of Architecture

Netsø’s network concept is structured according to a thoroughly tested template ensuring that participants have clear rewards from every single meeting.
More about Netsøg

University International Club