Become an export consultant 

Why become an export consultant?
Many Danish SMEs are either not aware of the possibilities that exist for them to enter foreign export markets or they do not have the right competencies or resources in-house to take the necessary steps. By offering your assistance as an export consultant, both you and the SME can benefit from the partnership.

Understanding the DNA of SMEs
To sell your services as an export consultant, it is well worth knowing what characterises Danish small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which face both internal and external barriers to export.

SMEs seek export assistance
Read here about specific areas in which businesses are seeking help.

New export markets
New global markets offer considerable unexploited export potential. Help businesses to move beyond European borders and enjoy success on new markets in growth countries and cities.

Successful export consultants
Be inspired by stories of how other entrepreneurs have started up as independent export consultants.

Getting started as an export consultant
Setting yourself up as an export consultant to make a living from your services is a lengthy process. The following six steps will help you to get started as an export consultant.