Personal meeting
Your personal appearance is of crucial importance to your sales. Within 10-20 seconds of greeting you, your customers will have formed an idea about you and your product/service.

The telephone is an inexpensive sales channel. However, it is not always appropriate, and telesales takes thorough preparation and practice.

Sales letter according to the AIDA model
If you decide to send out unsolicited sales letters, remember that your letter will be just one of many landing on the desks of potential customers. The AIDA model can help you to catch people’s attention.

FAB model
It is the customer who will be paying for your services, and it is therefore important to analyse the reasons why he or she may want to do so.

Sales to retail chains
There are many things you should think about and do before contacting a major retail chain to offer your services as a supplier.

Many businesses have placed orders via the Internet, but very few do their own selling via the web. E-trading holds considerable growth potential, and the winners will be the businesses that make the most of this and which deliver on their promises.