International sales

Are you ready to export
Some businesses think of exporting as a long-term possibility and exploit the global competences of the owner or employees when entering a market, while others start their exports a bit by chance.

Choosing an export market
When choosing a new market area, you should decide on several criteria which the market must fulfil.

Description of customer
There will often be considerable differences between the way in which a Danish customer would see your product and the way it would be perceived by a customer outside Denmark.

Customising products for the export market
Customising your product to suit the individual market is, of course, important. 

Production and storage capacity
Before venturing into the export markets, you must check that your business has the necessary production capacity and is able to expand.

Product documentation
Efforts are continuously going into standardising approval systems, procedures and certifications where standardised procedures have not already been introduced.

Owner's export commitment
No matter how your business comes into contact with the global market, you as the owner should know that exporting your products or services takes time, money and commitment.

Financing exports
Find out how to avoid or minimise the financial risks associated with exporting your products or services.

Help with your export strategy
Help and support is available to assist you in deciding on the right export strategy.